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Details to Consider When Choosing a Hotel in Istanbul

When it comes to tourism, the choice of hotel in Istanbul, which comes to mind first in our country and in the world, is very important. When choosing a hotel in Istanbul, the expectations from the trip and the city should be taken into consideration. If this is a historical touristic trip, hotels close to the sections where touristic artefacts and museums are concentrated should be selected. If it is a business trip, a more central location close to the workplace or meeting venues should be preferred.

The things to be considered when choosing a hotel can be listed as follows;

  • Location
  • Service quality
  • Room quality
  • Hotel features
  • Alternative services
  • Security
  • Food services
  • Star ratings and reviews

For Istanbul, it is necessary to look at the hotels in the Sultanahmet region to choose one with historical features and where you can closely observe the historical buildings. The works in this region are among the symbols of Istanbul. Hagia Sophia Mosque, which is also on UNESCO's world heritage list, Sultan Ahmet Mosque built during the reign of Ottoman sultan Ahmed I, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, which is a unique shopping centre, is located in Sultanahmet. For an enjoyable cultural trip, a pleasant memory will remain in your mind thanks to the fact that the hotel to be accommodated is close to the determined places. You will want to come back to Istanbul to experience this memory again and again.

Why is the location of the hotel important?

The location of the hotel, which is in the first place among the things to be considered when choosing a hotel, should be at a point where you can easily meet your needs. When you travel for business or holiday, it is very important to be located close to the city centre and for easy transportation. If you are planning a historical touristic trip in Istanbul, choosing a hotel close to the Historical Peninsula or in a more central location allows you to easily reach the works you want. It is also vital to have a nearby health institution in case of an emergency. If you do not have a car or prefer public transport, it is more advantageous to choose hotels close to the city centre.

Since Istanbul is a big city, it has a very crowded traffic. For this reason, among the things to be considered when choosing a hotel, attention should be paid to the fact that it will not be crowded as traffic or in a location where you can even walk to the places you want to go. This increases the time you can allocate especially for rest during short-term travels. Due to the high number of hotels in Istanbul, some negative situations may be encountered in terms of both quality and location. Another important factor to consider when choosing a hotel is the proximity to the airport. If your hotel is close to the airport, you can reach the city more easily when you arrive and leave the city. In addition, your hotel can also offer you a special shuttle service.

A Hotel in the Heart of Sultanahmet: Byzantium Hotel

The Byzantium Hotel is located in Sultanahmet, the old centre of Istanbul. It has a pleasant view witnessing the history. Being in the centre of Sultanahmet, you can easily go to see the magnificent monuments and places such as Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar and Ayasoyfa. It is a rare private boutique hotel where you will want to enjoy Istanbul. With its roof terrace, it has the most important element among the things to be considered when choosing a hotel in Istanbul. Byzantium Hotel, which provides accommodation services to its guests in a historical environment, prioritises satisfaction and comfort.

Since Istanbul is one of the popular cities for both local and foreign tourists, multilingual hotels can provide a warm welcome in the field. Byzantium Hotel has many features such as personalised welcome, stylish rooms, spa service, open buffet breakfast. You can stay in a luxurious and stylish environment at Byzantium Hotel, located on Akbıyık Street in Fatih district.