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Queb Bakery

Would you like to take a break and drink a delicious coffee during your trip to Sultanahmet? Here is a place just for you! You can find hot coffees, brewed coffees, takeaway coffees, and refreshing cold coffees at Queb Bakery.

Queb Bakery is the right choice for you among Sultanahmet cafe options. In Queb Bakery, where you can find different croissant presentations as well as a rich dessert and coffee menu, you will not realize how time flies.

Sultanahmet is one of the most visited centers of Istanbul. While you are visiting this place, you may want to sit in a place to take a break, breathe or have a pleasant time with your loved ones. We will be waiting for you at Queb Bakery on Akbiyik Street.

Queb Bakery offers its guests many different flavors. You decide which dessert or croissant presentation will go well with your drinks. Our delicious dessert menu is at your disposal!